Wireframe of a data-visualization based querying system to improve wonder.cdc.gov

This is a one page solution to the current wonder.cdc.gov site. If you go through the site a bit more, you will realize that querying system to get to the data is very ill-designed and redundant. This solution is a one page solution which is more intuitive but still maintains the same amount of detail as the wonder.cdc site. For the purpose of an example, the page is designed with Natality data between 2007-2010 in mind.

The entire querying process is divided into three categories. The clickable map intuitively takes care of the geographical querying while the histogram gives relevance to the color coding for each generated graph. The visualization is generic enough to be implemented on all queries available on this site.

The second and third part is characteristics found among mother and child. As implemented by wonder.cdc, there are 5 different subcategories to query the same data. The trick was to remove the redundancy by not including overlapping data. The most essential data could be represented in these categories. One can set more specific queries by clicking on the required category and changing the required parameters.

Finally you can view the table you queried and export!

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