Shilpan is passionate about exploring the way engineering, design and semiotics can be fused to transform how people interact with their environments and with one another. He is focused on using new technology and design to fight social and political issues, both within local communities and globally. He is a strong proponent of education reform and believes that the full potential of mobile technology has yet to be fully explored, contextually and subjectively.

His first steps were when he went about creating a small multiplayer java game over bluetooth when his teacher caught him playing dots and squares on paper one day in class. He soon started moving onto important and more relevant issues like helping children in poverty learn language through low-end phones.

His creative stints landed him the position of a research scholar at Carnegie Mellon University at the Human Computer Interactions Institute where he built and did research on games to help children learn literature through Interacting with their natural environment. He recently became a Master’s candidate at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch, NYU.

His more recent projects, Poweplants and Socialet was featured in ‘Future Interfaces’ conference hosted by NYC Media Lab. His work on data visualization has previously been written about in Visual Loop and some of his projects have been selected for various exhibitions. He was interviewed by BBC for Hopscotch, a location based messaging app and his current project, ‘nybl’, has been supported been big names like Mark Bittman and Fresh Direct.

The time that he takes off working on projects, is put into sketching,  basketball, traveling and staying in touch with friends.