Wireframe of a data-visualization based querying system to improve

This is a one page solution to the current site. If you go through the site a bit more, you will realize that querying system to get to the data is very ill-designed and redundant. This solution is a (…)



thatDream is a replication of a dream I once had. The aim – to the find the erect direction sign. You can run it here.

Digital Spaces

An iterative improvisation of web templates for IFA (5 hours)

The task was to change the ‘prospective students’ page to give it a more refreshing and cleaner look, all the while maintaining the demeanor of a website portraying an institute of the Arts. The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU is quite (…)

Visual Language
personal card front

Personal Card

Personal cards for week 4 of Visual Language                    

Visual Language

Concept video (Beta)

Taking user authentication to another level. Using swept frequency capacitive sensing it is possible to bring in a new dimension into user authentication. Here is a brief update on my work.  


Action Words

Action words designed for class 3 of Visual Language

Visual Language

Serial Read + Osc Send

import processing.serial.*; import oscP5.*; import netP5.*; OscP5 oscP5; NetAddress myRemoteLocation; Serial port; int val; void setup() { size(200, 200); println(Serial.list()); // start oscP5, telling it to listen for incoming messages at port 8000 */ oscP5 = new OscP5(this,8000); // set (…)


OSC Listener

Below is the code for writing a OSC listener which can be hosted on the receiving machine to receive messages over Processing. import oscP5.*; import netP5.*; OscP5 oscP5; NetAddress myRemoteLocation; void setup() { size(400, 400); // start oscP5, telling it (…)