AlertNet – A smart security stick

Place: COEPPune, India
Year: May ’10
Role: Developer, Designer
Mentor: Andrea Colaco & Drew Harry
Technology, Language or Script used: Arduino Board & SoftwareAndroid SDK

It has for long been seen that watchmen have a tough job on their hands, and it gets even tougher in the night when they have to struggle with sleep while watching out for thieves. Our idea was simple, how could we help them without having to teach them an entirely new interface for a new technology? The answer was their guard stick. It actually turned out to be a neat little device which is almost always with the guard during his duties and hence we could easily cut down on the extra carry around for adding additional technology to it. The stick otherwise does not have much functionality.

The project as a whole focussed on how to make the stick more intelligent without having to change or put in additional buttons for the same. We created a protoype to showcase some of the ideas we came up with.

Some of the features of the stick were pattern detection using a 3-axis accelerometer to detect when the guard is running to alert the nearby guards via GPS. Its also is helpful for the institutions hiring these guards to keep a check at thier routines using the same. We built a prototype using a phone to show how orientation sensor and GPS cud be used to give haptic feedback in the direction of the closest nearby guard hence giving the watchmen the closest way to gain assistance in case of need.

  • Rendered images of the proposed security stick model
  • The team explaining the project to Ken, a Phd student at MIT Media Lab
  • The prototyped stick
  • Closeup