– Visualizing algorithms

Year: Dec ’11 – Mar ’12
Team Size: 2
Role: Co-founder, UI & Front end developer
Technology, Language or Script used: Javascript, jQuery, TTS Converter, HTML5, CSS, BootstrapProcessingJSProcessing

Here is a short demonstration of the application we created:

As a student still pursuing my undergraduates, I had the opportunity to go through the placement fair in my college and found that most students were found lacking in their knowledge of algorithms. Algorithms form a basis of recruitment for any good company but learning them is, at times, difficult and uninteresting. Through our site we plan to build a community which aims at making algorithms a ‘fun to learn’ activity but at the sametime is accurate and to the point using some of the visual element properties that we have integrated in the platform we are building.

‘’ was a self initiated project. As algorithms need a more hands on approach, the site will have a completely new method of interaction using properties of the HTML 5 canvas class and will not depend on videos, a trend which is quite visible in today’s online correspondence classes. It hosts a Text To Speech (TTS) converter. The advantages of these features are clear, it provides a more internationalized way of presenting information to students, and topics which face the problem of ‘visualization’ can be easily addressed to by making visual elements and interaction which are supported on the HTML5 canvas. The site is open to the public for creating and editing pre-existing slideshows. Teaching and learning is a collaborative affair and this site heavily inclines on this ideology.

Currently, we are planning to support algorithms; however the same technology can be used to support a wide variety of educational courses.

My work in this project has been to ideate and to figure out the feasibility and limitations of the project along with designing and developing a front end which users can relate to. Since this is a relatively new method of creating presentations for teaching, we adopted the Ajile methodology towards making this product and have made significant progress in developing the product.