Alternate Shopper – App for the Alternate Economy

The Alternate Shopper addresses the problem of Consumerism. It gives the user options for buying their requirements from places like local stores. Along with this it supports the Alternate Economy movement and, with time, it will create a gathering of people supporting this movement. It is a portal which gives the user the option to select the best local product nearby.

The aim is to decrease the consumption of mass produced goods by “providing consumers with different and better alternatives” prepared in small-scale-industries or local shops. Doing so we promote the idea of Alternate Economy. In this fast life, people don’t have the time to search for a place which will supply the best quality of product they need. So they end up going in a supermarket or a shopping mall which thrives on mass produced goods. So here the idea fits into the need. It provides the user with different choice to shop rather than the conventional supermarket choice.


Importance of Alternate shopper:

The rules of economy at present strongly support mass production. The economy however is money centric something that has made the developed countries what they are today. However what they failed to realize was that post development, the development of the larger part of the society also gains equal significance. However this is not what the economy supports. With mass production they take away the employment of many locals who could have earned a living out of their own local business. Come to think of it, with the increase in the local businesses there will be a definite decrease in the consumption of mass produced products.

The idea is to build a web portal which will grow on the inputs provided by the people. To be more precise, it’s a portal or a search engine which gives you the required groceries in a place near you rather then supermarkets or shops with mass produced goods. The code for the plan is “Aim for the local business but never sacrifice on the quality”. Hence it lists down the places based on the reviews of the place (given by the people!). The app. also allows you to comment, give feedback or “favourite” a place. It also hosts a shopping list space where you can put up your local shopping list and help the locals around you. You login and you have access to all of this and more articles, debates etc about “Alternate Economy” and similar topics which are present on the site. The site acts like a database collecting people who support this movement and who knowingly or unknowingly, but with the help of the app, want to decrease the consumption of mass produced goods. This app. leads to a site (read-the web portal) that is active about uniting the people together as a force as with numbers come strength and with this strength we can visualize a city-wide and slowly a country-wide decrement in the consumption of mass produced good. The app. is the beginner the site is the final step.


Mobile App Design:

It starts with an application on your cell or PC. It asks you a basic question “What do you want to shop?” and “Where are you most likely to visit?” like for example you want to shop for some grocery and you give in “Big Bazaar (it’s similar to Wal-Mart)” or any other super market”. The app basically gives you options that are local to the place where you are shopping (in same radius) and which work on a private or individual level. It also gives in other basic info as in “Benefits of buying from this store” along with basic information regarding the store and its quality.

Now as stated earlier, it gives you the best local option nearby, which is provided by the “favourite” option. Here the user himself based upon his experiences rates the place. On searching, the place rated the most is featured first on the list. Another feature is “Add new Alternative places” which allows different users to add new places to the database. Additional space is given for each place so that people can give their opinion about the place.

Initial App design