Year: Oct ’12 – Present
Team Size: 3
Role: Founding member, Developer
Tools, Language or Script used: Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, XAMPP

Since 2009, almost a third of healthcare providers, ranging from small private practices to huge hospitals — have installed some kind of “healthIT” technology. For a major hospital, a full suite of technology products can cost $150 million to $200 million. Implementation — linking and integrating systems, training, data entry, and the like — can raise the total bill to $1 billion.

 The problem is that nobody can pay that much money. It would only make patient costs go through the roof. Instead, Ampulet empowers patients to do the data entry (citizen cyber science) and in that manner creates, not only value for the patient, but a standardization of the medical record.

Another problem, which many patient face, is that of complex medical report.  Without a doctor, one would not be able to make much sense of them. The report might show abnormality but it does not illustrate what the consequences would be or what symptoms to look out for in the near future. This almost takes up a third of the time a patient spends with the doctor. The patient is completely capable of understanding his health through reports, however, there has not been any significant change in the way medical reports are being made in the past two decades. And even if there is, it is not on a large scale or for a select demography. If we give patients the tools to understand their own data, it simultaneously decreases the time a doctor spends with each patient.

This is where Ampulet comes in. It helps patients make sense of their data through visualizing their data and predicting possible conditions that may arise out of their present conditions. Ampulet uses past medical datasets  to extract quantified data which is associated to the patient’s medical records to help give extremely personalized visualizations and predictions to help make smarter choices and create awareness of one’s health.

Hence, Ampulet brings the cost of implementation down to the cost of an internet connection – and provides one scalable system.


Ampulet is currently in it’s alpha version. Please sign in here and we’ll get back to you soon!