Dots & Squares

Place: DA-IICTGandhinagar, India & IIITHyderabad, India
Year: Jun’10
Role: Developer
Download JAR’s of the APP: Here
Technology, Language or Script used by me during the project: J2ME & PhotoShop

I started on this game with the initial idea of getting to port such games onto phones and by use of technology make playing some of real world games easier or more personalised but still have the same experience. For this I implemented the game using Bluetooth for a multiplayer version of the game.

At the time when I started out making this project there were many alternatives to this game already on the PC. However I could not find a similar game on phones. Although now you may find many alternatives present on various app stores.

This game was majorly made to address one of the important problems that I face in the developing world. Smart phones are still not as common as in the developed countries and secondly use of 2G or 3G is still inefficient or unavailable at most of the places. In such cases older technologies seem more functional from the user point of view. Hence I used Bluetooth for creating the game and used J2ME as the programming platform to run this game even on low-end phones.