ChannelShare – A smartTV app

Place: DA-IICTGandhinagar, India
Year: Sept’11
Role: Ideation and Design
Download the detailed description of the project: Here


An average TV viewer watches about 5 hours of television daily. It has been seen that the maximum viewership is during primetime when many gather around their television to watch their favourite soap/movie channel. However what about the rest of the time? Most of the viewers flick through the channels just to see if there is something interesting enough to watch on television. What if we can reduce this time the user wastes in flicking by giving him suggestions based on his liking?

Although many apps presently have this feature of suggestion where they determine what the viewer is watching and based on that recommend a certain television channel. However this app is unique in the way it approaches this problem. Based on the person’s residence, and preferences it generates a real-time graph showing what the people having similar preferences as him/ her and living in an area nearby are watching. This leads to extremely personalised graphs based on ones residence and channel viewership. The graph actually is a bar graph showing the most viewed channels along with its popularity as shown below. The app has minimal visual aspects however it has two modes: Normal and Recommended. By Normal mode the viewer gets a graph displaying the most watched channels that he has and are being watched in his area of residence. The radius of residence can be set as per the users need. By Recommended mode the user gets a graph displaying the most watched channels that he has and are being watched and recommended by people having preferences similar as his/her.


The advantage of this app is in its unique graph generation which is extremely personalised as per personal preferences. This makes it possible to have a worldwide deployment of this app with each user being suggested extremely satisfactory results. All the user has to do is share his location and the channel pack which he bought from the respective distributer on the initial installation of the app and the app does the rest!

If you want a more detailed description of the app kindly download the zip from the link above.