Health Alert Map (U.S)

Year: Nov ’12
Team Size: 3
Role: Designer & Developer
Tools, Language or Script used: Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, d3.js
Press Coverage: click here

This data visualization was originally created to be a part of the Visualized Data competition. But my approach to it was more for problem solving the issues of disease outbreaks and how to be vary of them. This version displays disease alerts for six different diseases in the U.S in past three months. You see certain patterns of different diseases and their outbreak over a timeline and can also follow a geographic pattern.

This project was an exploration visualizing the health reports documented on the internet. It hopes to cater personalized content displaying patterns in the spread of various diseases around an individual and to assist in making intelligent decisions on preventive actions. This can help the user be aware, in realtime, of any outbreak that occurs in a close by vicinity and help him take evasive measures.

For the visualizaton, we used data from Healthmaps for the most recent disease alerts in the U.S in the time frame of three months.

Description of the visualization:

This visualization lets you browse through the location of 6 of the most common disease alerts in the USA in the period Aug-Oct 2012. You can toggle the diseases on/off in the sidebar. You can zoom into specific states to see a more detailed pattern among the diseases.

The timeline below represents the date of occurrence and the number of cases reported per day. You can hover the mouse on the timeline to see the alerts for each day and evolution of alerts over time.

This visualization can be further used for geo-location specific queries to study patterns around a person’s city if more data is supplied.