Year: Apr’13 – May’13
Role: Developer, UX Designer , Ideation
Team Members: Sam Slover & Max Ma
Tools, Language or Script used: Android SDK, Java, Node.js, Javascript

I did an interview on BBC regarding the app, you can see it here

Hopscotch is a mobile application that allows you to leave invisible notes for your friends to stumble upon. They get the note the moment they walk into the defined location (but not a moment before). For example, creating nuggets of information for your friends to find as they travel around the city, or simply leaving notes for your friends and family to find serendipitously

This app was an exploration in the field of location based messaging. There is value to add the dimensionality of location to receiving a message since it makes it more contextual to the place. For example, I usually use this app to leave my team members a message at school telling them where my stuff is at. They walk into school and get a notification of the same.

Along with friends, even shops or stores can leave messages which users can get if they are subscribed to them. The most interesting implication of this app is to program events based on location. For example “when I reach home, text my brother that I am home”.