Paper on Ray Caesar, digital artist

Place: DA-IICTGandhinagar, India
Year: Jan’11 – May ’11
Role: Researcher
Mentor: Shiv Visvanathan
Download the paper: Here

As a student, I have had a few courses in Humanities and some of them particularly interested me. Of them, one was Semiotics. The use of symbolism and signifiers, and how this can be seen not only in our lingual attributes but in our every way of expressing ourselves made me delve into thinking about how modern artists who use digital medium for creating thier work symbolise a lot of what they themselves are. And how their art is, in a way, signifier of who they are in real life.

This was a paper submitted as a part of my minor course namely Semiotics. I personally was looking forward to analyse him and his creations as I have been particularly been interested in his way of creating art and how he symbolises pieces of himself in each of his paintings. Not just that but his art work contains a great bit of detailing including things which can’t even be seen on the canvas and that adds to the soul of his creations.